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Description: PVP-P behaves as a white or creamy white powder with faint characteristic odor, which is easily hydrophilic and capable of complex with such substance as phenol, etc. It is completely insoluble with relatively high crosslink density and does not form gels that can impede disintegration, dissolution and drug release. It was accepted into Ph Eur 5.0 and USP/NF28th.

CTFA Nomenclature : POLYVINYLPOLYPYRROLIDONE ( Abbreviated to be PVP-P)

CAS No. : 25249-54-1

Structural formula



1,Beverage industry:

PVP-P can be used in

-Improving the quality and extends the shelf-life of beer by absorbing the polyphenyls and tannoids.

- Prevention of 'pinking' and 'browning' reactions in white and sparkling wines

- Enhanced aroma and flavor in red wines

PVP-P is a cost-effective and safe treatment in beer industry that

- Completely insoluble in beer

- Applicable to all types of beer

- Higher efficacy - lower dosage

- Easy to use and excellent handling characteristics

- Insoluble process aids, with wide regulatory approval

- No negative impact on foam, flavor or other quality parameters

- Improved dispersion and sedimentation characteristics

- Longer filter run lengths compared to silica alone

- Uses existing plant equipment

2,Pharmaceutical Industry : Provide rapid disintegration in a wide range of oral solid dosage formulations and processes. Especially in the following areas:

- In wet granulation tablet processes.

- Ideally suited for use with poorly compressible drug actives and in direct compression tablet processes.

- Outstanding performance in manufacturing ionic, acidic and alkaline drug actives

- Quick dissolve and chewable tablets

- Treat gastrointestinal disorders and as an anti-diarrhea agent.

Furthermore, PVP-P can also be used to improve solubility, and hence, enhance bioavailability in not only human but also veterinary applications


Packaging : 20 kg/fibre drum